29 days

It is now 29 days since the kidnapping of young schoolgirls in Nigeria.  That’s 29 days of not being able to hear their parents’ voices waking them up for school, chores, and other ordinary life.  That’s 29 days of not seeing the smiles of familiar faces, of hearing the rhythm of familiar community life.  That’s 29 days of not braiding one’s hair with the naive attention and carefree-ness of young girls.  That’s 29 days of not teasing one’s brothers and sisters, not getting on the nerves of those who love you, knowning that they love and will love you regardless.  276 + 8 girls, living nightmares they would not have dared imagined, have discovered that reality can be worse than any fictitious tales of monsters and boogey men.  29 days, that mothers and fathers do not know of the daily nightmare of their children.