What will the nation be?

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Having recently returned to reside in the U.S. after several years abroad I am taken aback by the sheer level of daily human carnage. This rising mass of dead black bodies is ritually accompanied by flimsy excuses that pass as ‘just causes’; and what’s more these excuses are actually hotly debated,  giving them levels of validity that would otherwise be unthinkable.   From my current vantage point post-racial U.S. looks like a field in which black bodies are dynamically vulnerable to the whims of those comforted by the institutionalized racial discourses that prop up identities of ‘claimed’ superiority and indignant righteousness.

In this atmosphere children of African descent are gunned down, thrown to the ground, arrested for being outraged and mourning the death of siblings, family members, friends; men of African descent are shot in the back, the head, basically shot dead (well… just because); women of African descent are sexually and physically assaulted by the loved ones and those who do not love them or the color of their skin, and they are killed/murdered (again, well just because).  Just because it is the fashion, the morally reprehensible thing to do to prop up normative racial privilege, manhood, and ‘authority’.  The acts of violent violations are regularly perpetuated by those envisage to protect U.S. citizens.  The daily consumption of heinous forms of violence against the black body appears to outpace the hunger for sugar, salt, and coffee.   At this current pace, what will this nation be in 5 years, 10 years, or generation?