Day 9, 2019

Godly Encounters with Worship

Author: Melissa Barber

Happy Ninth Day of Thanks Everyone!

Today I give thanks for worship and the ability to witness the deep things of God.

Two weeks before leaving for Orlando, Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday, a YouTube video appeared on my phone screen. In the video, the host was interviewing Pastor William McDowell about the many proven/substantiated miracles that have happened in his church and the form of exhortation his congregation gives unto the Lord through song. As I watched the video, I heard the voice of God clearly say “tell Jay to bring Jio to his [Pastor McDowell] church; Jio’s healing will happen there.”  I immediately texted my nephew (Jay), my sister, and niece and told them what I heard, not knowing what was happening or had happened to my grandnephew (Jio) or if he was even sick.  Afterwards, I googled the name and address of Pastor McDowell’s church so that I could visit during my stay in Orlando. (As mama bear, I wanted to scope out his church to see if it was a supportive and loving community where real worship was taking place and the healing and miracles announced were actually real. I also wanted to know if my nephew and his family would thrive there. OMG! It is!) 

While in Orlando, I was speaking to my sister and asked her if she received my text about Jay taking Jio to the church. I asked if she knew whether Jay was able to take Jio and the rest of the clan to the church. Jay had not taken Jio (which made me want to look at them side eyed!) As I said before, I still had no idea what was happening or had happened to Jio but I know that I heard clearly what should be done. A few hours later, when I was speaking to my nephew, I discovered that Jio was hearing impaired and that tubes were placed in his ears to help him hear.  (I thought it was odd when I heard the voice say what it did. But, I now knew why Jio needed healing.) I was livid and couldn’t believe that the pediatricians who were assigned to my grandnephew as a child had no idea that the whole time they were “observing and examining” his growth and development, they had missed that he couldn’t hear at all. (What the hell is that about? SMH!) 

I had no idea how I was going to get to this church because it was about 40 minutes from my sister’s house and she was taking her car to go to work on Sunday. The day before the church service, I talked to one of my great friends who moved to Orlando a few years prior and she said that she would come to pick me up, take me to the church, and spend time with me before I left Orlando.  I went to the church full of expectation and anticipation that I would have a God encounter, while standing in proxy for my nephew and grandnephew who were not there. “Healing is the children’s bread” and I was determined to get my grandnephew’s bread for him.   We got to the church early and were greeted by the friendliest people (this was definitely a change from what I was previously used to.)  As I entered the sanctuary, I felt the presence of God so strong. There are no words to even describe what it felt like but the room felt charged and electrified.When the church service started, we bombarded the heavenly courts with praise and thanksgiving for what seemed like only a moment in eternity. And, suddenly, a level of worship went forth in the corporate Body of Christ that was like nothing I had ever experienced before.  I remembered the scripture: “But the hour comes, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth…” And worship we did. And the Spirit was released both upon and within the people such that everyone’s eyes, ears, and hearts were open to the divine, invisible, real world, which was beyond our limited seeing, hearing, feeling and discerning.

The definition of worship is to honor or show reverence for a divine being or supernatural person.  To put the definition into even simpler terms, worship is acknowledging the worthiness or worth ship of something/someone. In that moment, there was a thirsting and desperation for God to show up in his many facets—as healer, provider, counselor, deliverer, etc.–so that we (the people of God) could show our acknowledgement of His/Her worth to us. In the midst of that worship, the invisible kingdom became the visible kingdom and not only did I sense an open heaven, I felt a tingling in my ears and a gush of open air flowing throw my ears. There was a clarity in my hearing and I began to declare healing in my nephew’s ears. While in that moment, I declared healing in Lilah’s mind too. I also prayed for the destruction of the nasty (negative) generational patterns over the lives of my family members. I broke wicked pacts and covenants of the past that yielded physical manifestations of dis-ease in my mind and body as well as everyone in my sphere of influence. (Yes, you all were covered in those prayers too!) 

I was a little disappointed that my other family members were not there to see and experience everything that I had witnessed. But, I knew that with some prayer (don’t mess with a praying women!) each of them would also be drawn in and not too long from now (in a twinkling of an eye), they ALL will be in that same sanctuary regularly worshiping God and experiencing/witnessing the same supernatural Godly encounters. 

Today, as we give thanks for worship (and Godly encounters), I am highlighting St. Jude’s Hospital ( for the wonderful work they are doing to provide health and healing to children with cancer (and their families).  Their patients enjoy a fun and loving community and are given new life; they experience God encounters of smiles, love, laughter, and healing every day through their staff.  Please donate your time and resources to this lovely non-profit.

Love Ya, 
Have A Great Day of Thanks!

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