Thirty Days of Thanks 2020

If you are looking for Dr. Melissa Barber’s Thirty Days of Thanks, Please visit her blog by clicking HERE

Read Dr. Barber’s preamble to this year’s Thirty Days of Thanks Below:

Good morning everyone, 

I am so excited!  It is that time of year…our 30 Days of Thanks Journey.  After several weeks of praying, fasting and seeking God, I have the blueprint for this year’s journey.  It’s going to be mind-blowing and incredible.  This is another dimension and we are definitely going deeper—ocean deep.

 I had in my mind that today would be the very first day of our journey.  However, Lilah’s last night melt down ended in the shattering of my laptop screen and me waking up to a laptop screen that is warped with mostly thick black block lines across the screen with a few colorful stripes in the mix that make the laptop visually non-functional.  I’m SMH and sucking my teeth! (Thank God for perseverance and an old monitor screen that I had in the house that is allowing me to see a screen to type this message!) Of course, I am no stranger to the warfare that breaks out suddenly before and  during our journey.  In years past, my computers would freeze or die, keys would just stop working, my phone, the other source of my getting out the message, would break down as well. (Please don’t let any of this scare you off from taking the journey.) It’s the enemy’s attempt to stop the blessing from going forth. But, I look the enemy square in the face and say “That’s all you got!” and find another way to keep going. So no matter what, we continue the journey. (Even if you get the message later in the day or the next day or maybe even the next week, it will come).  Our Journey will start on Monday, November 23rd.

For all you old timers and book readers, you know how we do.  We start with gratitude. We read, we reflect, and we donate our time, our prayers, our service and/or our money to a person or organization that does amazing work to make this world a better place. For the nubbies on board, be prepared to laugh, cry, reflect, get angry, and purge in some of those needed areas of your life. This is sacred space and there is no judgment here. You may or may not agree with everything, and that’s okay.  Be okay with agreeing to disagree.  Sit with everything you read, though, and make sure you do the introspection necessary. Feel free to respond individually or collectively when something touches you, if you have a question or you just want to share. Since I’m dealing with this complicated screen situation now, I need to get more social media savvy and present, and I want you to visit my website and buy my book (“Thirty Days of Thanks: A journey Towards Healing and Deliverance” is a great gift for yourself and others/Christmas stocking stuffer.), I am going to post each day of the journey on my website,, and maybe my social media outlets.

The first two days, in addition to posting on social media, I will send out a massive email like this one to those who want to participate in the journey. Afterwards, you go to the website. (Note again: After Day 2 of the journey, you can find each day’s post on my website and social media.) 

So, are you ready? Here’s the invitation…Would you like to do life with me for the next thirty days (starting Monday, Nov 23) and join this year’s journey of thanks?  

Send me a reply so that I can make sure that you are on the email list for the first two days. 

P.S. if you know of others who would want to take the journey, let me know and send them to the website or social media pages.

Love ya, 

Have a wonderful day of thanks!


Melissa Barber

Published by: Dream Without Borders

Artist| Scientist| Creative Entrepreneur| Activist: working at intersections of arts, health, healing, and activism, my practice focuses on the performance and performative articulations of vulnerable bodies, exploring and examining expressions of identity and belonging. I hold particular interest in the lives and aspirations of the African Diaspora/Black Atlantic in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

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