Dr. Carol Marie Webster, PhD

Professor Dr. Shirley Anne Tate

July 9, 2022

12:00 – 1:00 (ET)

Professor and Canada Research Chair Tier 1 in Feminism and Intersectionality in the Sociology Department, University of Alberta, Canada

Speaking on her 2019 publication

Decolonising Sambo Transculturation, Fungibility and Black and People of Colour Futurity

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“Simply put, the ontology of sambo in white European settler colonies was subjugation even if the body and the space changed globally. sambo’s corporeality was protean. sambo was fungible but its subjugation globally was fixed and unquestioned by white European settler colonialists. sambo’s application across empires shows the use of European colonialism generated categories to manage emergent becoming in colonial contexts. Thus, its ontologies are productive of subjection and responsive to white supremacist need to show domination and racial subalternisation, servitude, dehumanisation, ownership, un-freedom, and negation, simply with a word” 2020, p4.

Professor Tate’s area of research is Black diaspora studies broadly and her research interests are institutional racism, the body, affect, beauty, hybridity, ‘race’ performativity  and Caribbean decolonial studies while paying attention to the intersections of ‘race’ and gender. Her current research project is on antiracism and decolonization in universities. She is Honorary Professor, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa, and affiliated to CriSHET, and Visiting Professor in CRED, Leeds Beckett University, UK.

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