Melissa’s Thanks 2019

In 2018, my friend Melissa shared her 30 days of Thanks journey, reflecting  on the challenges and lessons of her life.  With her permission I created the blog Melissa’s Thanks – posting her journey. That 30 Days of Thanks in 2018 has been turned into a book; it is no longer available for viewing on this site, but there are two audio excerpts you can access here: 1 and 2.  The book: Thirty Days of Thanks: A Journey Towards Healing and Deliverance is due out in early spring of 2020!!

For 2019, 30 days of Thanks, Melissa has invited others, many who journeyed with her in 2018, to contribute their reflections during 30 days of thanks. Read each day below. Day 23 and Day 30 are also audio recordings of Melissa.