Dr. Carol Marie Webster, PhD

June 12, 2021

12:00 – 1:00 (ET)

Marlies Yearby is an artist, choreographer, and director with a global perspective who has created work across various platforms including theater, film, and diverse multimedia. She is the Tony Award Nominated Choreographer of RENT, Drama League Award! recipient for the Los Angeles production of RENT, and a Dora Award Nomination for the Canadian production of RENT. Her work was licensed for RENT the movie, and she is the choreographer of the CINECAST of RENT. Brown Butterfly a multimedia celebration of the life and times of Muhammad Ali “The Greatest” as Director and Choreographer. Yearby co-created the concept with Composer Craig Harris with great critical acclaim. Ms. Yearby received a Helen Hayes Award nomination for her choreography for Oedipus Plays at Washington Shakespeare Theatre in DC. A Bessie Award Recipient for her choreography on Stained written by Lisa Jones and Alva Rogers. She choreographed Shay Young Blood’s Talking Bones; Penumbra Theater MN, Rita Dove’s Darker Face of The Earth; Guthrie Theater in MN, Writer Sekou Sundiata’s Mystery of Love; American Musical Theater Festival in PA.

Ms. Yearby has developed a creative process called “In Our Bones Technique” as an acknowledgment of the legacies, lived experiences, memories, and day-to-day energies ever-present in moving bodies at work. Ms Yearby is also the author of Seed Awakening On The Eve of Blue, which explores and examines human interaction with food. 

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