Dr. Carol Marie Webster, PhD

So… I wake these days with a HUGE ROAR in my belly! Another war has started and the genocide and brutalizing of Black bodies continues. Russian aggression and Ukrainian resistance escalate. Ukrainian are, of course, the newest group of 21 century wartime refugees. NPR March 8, 2022 reports that “More than 2 million Ukrainians have fled their country in the 12 days since Russia began its invasion, according to a tracker from the U.N. refugee agency“. Yet, some 20,000 Africans (mostly students) along with other non-whites effort to flee the Ukraine have been violently thwart by Ukrainians. Apparently, Russia and the Ukraine cannot find common ground on living as independent neighboring nation states, but they are strongly united in their allegiance to Anti-Black Racism.




New York Times

BBC News

NBC News




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