Dr. Carol Marie Webster, PhD

Twelve* is a performance research initiative that brings together scholars/thinker and professional dance artists in critical engagement to address a chosen contemporary issue. Situated at intersections of race, gender, and religion, the initiative comprises of twelve dance artist/thinker pairs who co-create twelve minute experiences in response to the current moment.


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The White Room

The title Twelve* points to the importance of this number in various religious, scientific,  and secular usage and systems: the twelve hours clock, twelve inches, twelve months to the year, twelve disciples, twelve books, twelve tribes, twelve signs of the zodiac, and the twelve tablets, to name a few.  Within this initiative Twelve* is used a point of departure, critical grounding, questioning, contestation, and resistance.

The first two installments of Twelve* focus on depression and the abject body.

Twelve* Abject, Story of one Body

Rehearsal continued on Zoom in Coronavirus (COVID 19) Quarantine with Dance Artist – Marjorie Folkman and Religion Scholar -Gil Anidjar

Open Rehearsal:

Twelve* Abject, Story of one Body

December 2019

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