Dr. Carol Marie Webster understands the intricacy of cultural markers in identity formation.  As such, she recognizes the impact not only of global definitions that impact women of color, but also the critical necessity of providing a window for citizens and scholars worldwide to explore and comprehend self-defining strategies not only among Caribbean women, but also women around the globe.

(Professor C. S’thembile West, Professor Emeritus, Women’s Studies, Western Illinois University).

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[The class] Dance as activism has to be one of the most rewarding classes that I have every taken in my years of education. The class was held up to a standard of respect alongside understanding and compassion. The class was a family, and friends and extremely close by the last day from walking in as strangers. This class helped me learn things about myself, about others and about the world that I otherwise would have never known (Student 0605, 2015).

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I have learned a lot of amazing and life changing new things about dance within these few weeks. The potential driving force that lies within dance is incredible and it has been a pleasure as I tried to discover this potent force with the support of a loving and experienced Professor and my colleague dance students side by side. These 9 weeks of study of Dance as a form of activism to fight against social injustices has been a tremendous journey and an amazing learning experience for me  (Student 2050, 2015).

Photographer – Ralf Klein

As an educator I understand that teachers and learners come to teaching and learning environments with tool boxes of knowledge that can contribute to, restrict, and/or transform the acquisition of new knowledge. I see my role as an educator as that of a motivator,  one who inspires learners to unpack already established knowledge and ways of knowing and actively participate in the use and/or reorder established knowledge scripts to constructively and productively engage with new knowledge and new ways of knowing.

As a partner in the learning process, I stand next to learners in their journey towards the acquisition of new knowledge and new ways of knowing.  In so doing I  motivate and encourage learners to empower themselves as active learners as they work toward the goals of specific learning and teaching settings.   With this, I endeavor to make learning accessible, relevant, and sustainable.

Pears and Mangos 2005
Photographer – Ralf Klein

Pears and Mangoes


In the professional dance and academic environments, I deliver practice and theory courses in dance, choreography, and performance,  and undergraduate and graduate level courses in Christian theology, religious studies, philosophy, cultural studies, gender studies, and ‘race/ethnicity. I have taught at higher education institutions in the United States, Jamaica, West Indies, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Belgium.


As a professional dance artist I also deliver professional and pre-professional dance courses/workshops at in venues that include, Steps 74, Alvin Ailey Dance Center, New Dance Group and Dance Space Project in New York City, L’ACADO Dance Company, ASHE Dance Theatre, the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts in Kingston, Jamaica, Fontys Dansacademie in the Netherlands, and Charleroi/Danses and Dansaterlier Marleen Sempels in Belgium.

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