Dr. Carol Marie Webster, PhD

[T]he movement salon made me feel strikingly present in my body. I’m not entirely comfortable with how my body moves and functions on a day to day basis, so to feel fully at home in my own skin for close to two whole hours was simultaneously very strange and deeply fulfilling” (Student-Participant#23_2019).

Deeply committed to innovative pedagogies that empower learners (specifically learners from vulnerable populations) to engage learning across the life course, I develop learning experiences across multiple platforms in and outside the academy.

My philosophy as an educator is grounded in student-centered teaching that recognizes that intentional learning is disciplined, requiring the mastery of explicitly identified skills. This mastery is best acquired through processes that are relevant, engaged creatively, and owned by the learner. 

Public Learning/Engagement Spaces that centers embodied practices and artistic excellence as partners in the learning process. Project: Transportation Transformation: Migration, Teleportation, and Railways

My classrooms are vibrant student-centered embodied learning laboratories where somatic pedagogies work in tandem with conventional teaching practices to promote multi-sensorial engagements, interdependence, and interdisciplinary problem-solving relevant for the complexities of twenty-first century life.

As a partner in the learning process, I stand alongside learners on their journey towards the acquisition of new knowledge and new ways of knowing. With this, I coach, encourage, and motivate learners to empower themselves to become active intentional learners.

“[The class] Dance as activism has to be one of the most rewarding classes that I have every taken in my years of education. The class was held up to a standard of respect alongside understanding and compassion. The class was a family, and friends and extremely close by the last day from walking in as strangers. This class helped me learn things about myself, about others and about the world that I otherwise would have never known” (Student 0605_2015).

“I have learned a lot of amazing and life changing new things about dance within these few weeks. The potential driving force that lies within dance is incredible and it has been a pleasure as I tried to discover this potent force with the support of a loving and experienced Professor and my colleague dance students side by side. These 9 weeks of study of Dance as a form of activism to fight against social injustices has been a tremendous journey and an amazing learning experience for me”  (Student 2050_2015).

I work in professional dance, academic environments, and public learning settings, delivering a range of practice and theory courses in the humanities and social sciences.

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