Dancing In Blackness, A Memoir – May 17th

Halifu Osumare speaks with graduate students and dance educators at The JODY -the Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program at Hunter College of the City of New York.

Notes from the Athens – 2015 SDHS/CORD Conference/Cut & Paste: Advocacy in the Age of Austerity

Emi Yagishita, PhD
Emi Yagishita, PhD
Lori Belilove
Lori Belilove

 Workshop: Isadora Duncan’s Study of Ancient Greek Art, Mythology, and Philosophy Informed Her Work


This  workshop was exquisitely delivered by Lori Belilove; it was detailed packed, drawing heavily on the body knowledge of Isadora Duncan’s methodology.    Emi Yagistita (right), guest demonstrator and Belilove’s student,  is captured in the spirit of Isadora Duncan.


Above, physicist Panagiotis Pantidos takes the plunge, participating in his first ever somatic workshop experience,  Into the Wind: Imagining Landscapes of Renewal delivered by Jessica Fogel.

IMG_1926 (2)

Break-in Point: Somatic Narratives, the convergence of arts and science in the transformation of temporal communities at the 2015 SDHS/CORD delivered by Jiannis Pachos, Panagiotis Pantidos, and Carol Marie Webster.   See excerpt of Break-in’ Point video below.