Emanuel AME Church: Somatic Conversation: Christianity, Love, Justice

Here is the thing, I have been living in Charleston for the since  November 2014, though I have admittedly not spent much time on the ground. I am scholar of dance, religion, and performance, with particular focus on African Diaspora religious and cultural expressions.   Between frequent trips to Europe and home to Jamaica I have not spent much physical time in Charleston.  My most concentrated time has been the past three months.  In this time I have learned to love the weather and begun to get some glimmer of understanding of the culture.   Outside a regular schedule in the dance studio, I spend most of my time at the library at the College of Charleston or at the Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture, working to bring closure to several research projects.

I regularly walk pass Emanuel AME Church. This is the church where nine worshippers lost their lives; it is on my way to and from the store I most frequently get my groceries.   Since waking Thursday morning to news of the massacre at Emanuel AME Church I have been at a loss for words.   I have walked the city, attended a few gatherings, and in non-reflective contemplative moments, moments when I think that something I would say, could say, would do something positive, try to think of something to say/write.   Quite frankly, I have no words….   What I share is this short video and a few photos of outside Emanuel AME Church THIS First Sunday morning.

IMG_20150621_101733A First Father’s Day without ‘Officially the Best DAD’


Bent but not Broken


Hearts walking in Love from many faiths