Harlem Arts Alliance honors Halifu Osumare

On Monday October 1st at 6:30 pm at Aaron Davis Hall,  The Harlem Arts Alliance  honored Halifu Osumare for her lifetime of “artistic & scholarly gifts to our collective global artistic community” during their annual Arts Advocacy  Month meeting dedicated to Transforming Advocacy for the Arts into  Creative Action within our communities.  I accepted the award on Dr. Osumare’s behalf and was join in the evening’s celebration by artists Nkumu Katalaya, Lacresha Berry and Christy Ayala and  Rob Ayala.

L – Dr Carol Marie Webster   R – Joyous Pierce, Administrative Director of Programs – Harlem Arts Alliance   (Photographer – Darryl T. Downing)
Joyous Pierce, Nkumu Katalay, Lacresha Berry, Christy Ayala and  Rob Ayala  (Photographer – Darryl T. Downing)


Nkumu Katalay (Photographer – Darryl T. Downing)
Lacresha Berry performing TUBMAN (Photographer – Darryl T. Downing)
Lacresha Berry, Rob Ayala, Joyous Pierce, Christy Ayala, Nkumu Katalay, Carol Marie Webster, Voza Rivers – Chairman Harlem Arts Alliance  (Photographer – Darryl T. Downing)