While Traveling

Throughout 2019 I have been a regular passenger on Amtrak, and while most of the times I work as I travel, occasionally I distract myself by reading Amtrak’s The National Onboard Magazine. This article is among my 2019 highlights, How Fawn Weaver Rewrote the History of America’s Biggest Whiskey Brand.

“[Fawn] Weaver, an African-American author and real estate investor from Los Angeles, was moved by the notion of a hidden history at the root of America’s most valuable spirits brand. At home, she bought a biography of Jack Daniel, written in 1967 by a journalist named Ben A. Green (no relation to Nearest), and in it found Nearest and his descendants mentioned some 50 times. Weaver became deeply curious about how, and why, they had since vanished from history. She discovered that she and Ben Green shared a birthday—September 5th—which was also, supposedly, Jack Daniel’s. “There was no escaping the birthday thing,” Weaver recalls, implying a cosmic angle to the story’s magnetism. Who was Nearest Green? And what, exactly, was his role in establishing one of America’s most iconic brands? She felt herself called to unravel the thread.” To read the full article Click Here.

Published by: Dream Without Borders

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