The Hate

The Hate is everywhere; in the air, the water, dashing recklessly through the streets, pouring out from mouths.

The Hate is Hate enough; sprinkled on food, wrapped around babies, added to deep passionate kisses, and laminated over love.

Hate doesn’t care about equality, justice, equity, human rights, women’s rights, children, innocence, dignity, or honor; it grows perniciously and thoughtlessly.

The Hate cares about you; your pain, jealousies, insecurities, shame, blame, failures, uncertainties, and indecisions. The Hate will build you towers and valleys to multiply the delight of your miseries and contaminate the oceans of your hopes.

The Hate will knock at your door; you don’t have to answer.

Published by: Dream Without Borders

Artist| Scientist| Creative Entrepreneur| Activist: working at intersections of arts, health, healing, and activism, my practice focuses on the performance and performative articulations of vulnerable bodies, exploring and examining expressions of identity and belonging. I hold particular interest in the lives and aspirations of the African Diaspora/Black Atlantic in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

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