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Carol Sorhaindo

Plants, Textiles and Fragments: Humans and Nature Journeys of Wellbeing

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“As an artist I have a fascination with plants, textiles and fragments. Unravelling historical threads appeals to my investigative nature. My processes are an entangled mix of historical and site exploration, journal and creative writing, textiles, painting, and sculpture. 

Reflection on the fragments I am left with to weave my story which feed creativity: texts from archival sources, tales of Indigenous, African and European lives, crumbling  mortar, living plants, decomposing leaves, red soil and entangled roots.”

Carol Sorhaindo is a visual artist with an MA in Creative Practice and a diverse portfolio career. She draws inspiration from nature, cultural heritage and landscapes with particular interest in plants on deteriorating mill sites in Dominica where she currently lives. Having lived in both the UK and Dominica, entangled roots and transatlantic history which combines African, Dominican and British influences are of key importance to her praxis. Her research and passions include botanical histories inclusive of ethnobotanical and traditional uses of plants as food, medicine and art and craft materials. She enjoys close observation of plant growth, gardening, botanical drawing and explorations of natural dyes and earth pigments for textile applications. 

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