Dr. Carol Marie Webster, PhD

The TALK/Inspiring Action in Dance (IAD) is a

Ruthlyn Salomons Initiative

In 2019 Ruthlyn Salomons and Dr. Carol Marie Webster partnered

to promote the health and well being of professional dance artists

We deliver talks, seminars and workshops, and support and promote formal and informal gatherings around issues relevant and specific to the health, wellbeing, and human flourishing in professional dance culture.


Workshops and seminars curated to specific issues the impact the lives and wellbeing of professional dance artists.

2021 Workshops


Regular informal free-form digital gatherings, a space for professional dance artists and their allies to come together to engage with one another and meet as a community. By invitation or recommendation only.

Think Thank

A space for dance artists to share ideas, and explicitly engage in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ideas for a Future


April 2021

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