When the Good in US Leads


If hope can be measured in the number of feet walking pavements this weekend, then there is Hope for the Good in US as first through fifteenth generation immigrants from across the country took to the streets in peaceful protest against the tyrannical ban of seven Muslim counties. And, I believe peoples of First Nations were among the crowd of protesters, though I do not have first-hand confirmation. Collectively it appears that protesters understand, and have read enough history to know, that this moment in US history mirrors the most recent precedent in Nazi, Germany.  Yet each immigrant making up the tapestry of this nation-wide protest, has a singular and a collective narrative of oppression – both subtle and individualistic and/or globally acknowledged and/or ignored. These narratives may not have reached history books or earned chapters in creative non-fictions but nonetheless are important weaves in identities forged on these adopted shores.  These narratives compel a nation-wide call for the Good in US to lead.

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