In these troubling times, think Purple

In these troubling times the absence of The Great Purple One makes these murky days all more surreal.  I knew that losing him from the planet would set off catastrophic darkness, and it has only just begun.  But in the spirit of His Purple-ness, we who are committed to the best of humanity will get stronger, better, more connected with ourselves and each other; we will fight these great, honorable, and noble battles and delight in laughing in the Purple Rain.   

Leave it to the late, great Purple One to not only make the best of a bad weather situation but to use it to enhance an already iconic performance. While some artists would have seen rain as a downer to their performance, Prince used a downpour in Miami during his legendary 2007 Super Bowl halftime…

via Only Prince Would Have Asked For It to ‘Rain Harder’ at His Epic Super Bowl Halftime Show — TIME

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