mci_marchaprilworkshopMigration and Constructed Identities: Embodied Processes is an experimental Horton technique and Caribbean Dance Aesthetics workshop exploring migration through lens of identity and belonging.  Each meeting session includes 1) technique sequences from Horton and Caribbean dance  to warm, align, strengthen and prepare the body and to enhance dancers’ movement potential and performance dynamics; and 2) an experimental Creative Development/Progression that draws from scripts of in-person interviews and excerpted reports from recent news articles which are used as points of departure in the construction of embodied movement motifs to create movement/dance conversations around shifts/disruptions of identity, identity formation, and community belonging due to migration.

Five (5) Sundays March 19 – April 23 (except April 16)

3:00 – 5:00

Boston Area

The Dance Complex  

536 Massachusetts Avenues, Cambridge, MA 02139

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2 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. A thought: You may cast a wider net with the omission of the final phrase in your title. I’m not sure of the meaning of “Unwelcomingly Be-ing”? Whose your target audience? Immigrants?

    💜 S’thembile

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