Free Telehealth Service For Marginalized Communities

NanaEfua B. Afoh-Manin (BAM) MD, MPH, NanaEfua B. Afoh-Manin (BAM) MD, MPH, and Briana DeCuir, MD, (founders) are launching a free telehealth app and online portal called myCOVIDMD that safely connects individuals to resources in real-time, by real people. 

I have stated elsewhere that this is the time for an Underground Railroad of Health Care Professional working to save lives in African American throughout the United States and African Diaspora communities throughout the western world.  These three female ER Doctors apparently had a similar idea.   They have started the process of a movement I believe is needed globally.   I will tentatively call it The Underground Railroad of Health Professions for Us (URHPU).  

Read more and access myCOVIDMD click HERE.